What is 90 Second Mycology?

Well, to start, "Mycology" is defined as the scientific study of fungi. That's right - mushrooms are fungi!


Did you know that you can grow YOUR OWN mushrooms at home without a pressure sterilizer? Gourmet, edible, medicinal, and if it's decriminalized in your area, even psychedelic mushrooms!


The 90 Second Mycology brand gets its name from using microwavable brown rice that's perfect every time in 90 seconds to EASILY grow edible and medicinal mushrooms at home.


90 Second Mycology Presents:


An easy, visual introduction to at-home edible & medicinal mushroom cultivation using 90 second microwavable brown rice. No pressure cookers needed! Be sure to check out the 90SM YouTube channel's various playlists for several organized how-to videos about growing your own mushrooms without an autoclave, pressure cooker, pressure canner, or pressure sterilizer (I think that covers them all). Don't forget to read video descriptions and comments on YouTube for any additional information & links to various things that you may find useful! You can also visit the Mushroom Links & Resources page here at 90SecondMycology.com

"Common sense will almost always prevail!"

- 90 Second Mycology