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What is 90 Second Mycology?


Well, to start, "Mycology" is defined as the scientific study of fungi. That's right - mushrooms are fungi!


Did you know that you can grow YOUR OWN mushrooms at home without a pressure sterilizer?


The 90 Second Mycology brand gets its name from using microwavable brown Ready Rice to EASILY grow edible and medicinal mushrooms at home.


90 Second Mycology Presents:


An entertaining take on using 90-Second Rice to grow nutritious and delicious mushrooms at home. No pressure cookers needed!


You can visit the Mushroom Links & Resources page here at 90SecondMycology.com, along with my NEW Beginner Flowcharts if you have no idea where to even begin!

"Common sense will almost always prevail!"

- 90 Second Mycology