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On January 13, 2023, Friday the 13th, the 90 Second Mycology YouTube channel was demonetized. YouTube would not budge on the appeal, and they would not provide any further information as to what I need to change, or how I can pass future review to reapply to the YouTube Partner Program.


Through back and forth emails, they explained that it's against their policy to give any further information on their review processes and what I can do further to edit my channel.


Please continue to support 90SM at 90SecondMycology.com/donate, and by purchasing your Spores/Genetics, Amazon Supplies, and MORE through official affiliates at 90SecondMycology.com/links.


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90 Second Mycology has now partnered with Fungstrate to bring you THE BEST manure-based substrate, sterilized grains, mycology supplies, & MORE! Did I mention...FREE SHIPPING as well?


Use my affiliate link to support 90SM at no extra cost to you by visiting 90SecondMycology.com/fungstrate. Use my coupon code 90SM for 5% off of your order!


Check them out in the Mycology Vendor section of my Mushroom Links & Resources page. You'll find many other reputable vendors there as well.

- I have launched my beginner flowcharts along with a campanion YouTube video. Head over to 90SecondMycology.com/flowcharts to check out the PDF file and YouTube video!


- 'NO IMPULSE SEALER, NO FLOW HOOD Unicorn Bag Procedures \\ Small Business Mushroom Farming Ideas' was REINSTATED by YouTube after going through the creator support chat. Go give it a watch!


- The much anticipated '60 Second Pasta Tek - Start to Finish' is now available for viewing on YouTube!


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