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Reputable Mycology Vendors

90SM Affiliates

Purchasing products through affiliate links earn a small commission to help support 90 Second Mycology at no extra cost to you!

- Spawn Magic for THE CHEAPEST sterilized Sorghum (Milo) grain with FREE SHIPPING! Subscriptions also available.


- Inoculate the World for RARE & UNIQUE Spores, Seeds, Genetics, & More!

*Get 10% off your order by using coupon code: 90SM


- Fungstrate for THE BEST, FREE SHIPPING Manure-Based Substrate Blend, Sterilized Grain, Mycology Supplies, & More!

*Get 5% off your order by using coupon code: 90SM


- Mycology Now for Mushroom Spore Microscopy Kits & MORE!


- Mushroom Prints for high quality mushroom spores! Syringes, Prints, Gourmet Cultures, & MORE!

*Canadian-based company that ships worldwide!


Non-affiliate links are placed here at-will based on their reputation within the Mycology Community.

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- Spore Works




- Ralphsters Spores


- High Desert Spores


- Sonoran Spores


- where you can free your mind and find your soul with premium spore prints and culture syringes of various mushroom varities!


- aPlusGrain for premium organic Mycology supplies! Grains, substrates, all in ones, & MUCH MORE!


- Brown Treasure Substrates for premium Island Manure and CVG substrate blends from Puerto Rico!

*Get 10% off with coupon code 90S


- Caribou Ridge Farm for Vegan Mushroom Farming Supplies, Spores, & Genetics with a focus on herbal skincare, hydrosols, tinctures, & MORE!


- DS Mycology for popular mushroom varieties in the form of syringes or swabs!


- Mycelium Emporium for Australian-Based mushroom supplies, tools, agar, & more shipping nationwide!


- Mushroom Media Online for the BEST "Master's Mix" substrate for wood-loving mushrooms, straw pellets, bulk grains, Unicorn Bags, & MORE!


- Fullsend OrgaNicks for gourmet mushroom cultures, microscopy spores, & more!


- NEW! Unicorn Bags Outlet Store for smaller quantities of grow bags, accessories, & more!


- Myc Tyson for CHEAP agar, Lion's Mane Grow Kits, & more!


- Tip Of The Cap Mushrooms for custom agar recipes, gellan gum, & more!

*Alternative website for TOTCM can be found at


- Fresh Fungi by Gary of 'Fresh From the Farm Fungi' on Etsy for Mycology JAR LIDS, Amazing GOURMET Liquid Cultures, Apparel, Accessories, & MORE!


- You can also find other various mycology vendors for agar, edible/medicinal/gourmet cultures & more on

Always do your own research.


If you are unsure of the difference between a mushroom liquid culture syringe & a mushroom spore syringe:

Watch this video


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